Internet and Intellectual Property

Privacy Policies & Terms of Use
Privacy Policies and Terms of Use govern the relationship between a software application\website\or app and its users. Privacy Policies specifically deal with the use of customers' private information by the Company, and what the Company may use that information for. As more and more data is being exchanged on the Internet, Privacy Policies and Terms of Use are becoming more important, and much more highly regulated by multiple government (and private) entities.

Licensing Agreements
Licensing Agreements allow third-parties to use another Company's intellectual property (software, for example) in a certain way, or for a certain time, in the exchange for monetary (or other) consideration. Licensing Agreements can allow your Company to maintain tight control over its important intellectual property, but also derive revenue from it at the same time.

Copyright & Trademark Registration
Registering a Copyright or Trademark involves submitting the work to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and putting it on record with the US Government. Federal Registration can be a complicated process, and involves various government fees, but provides additional strong protections for the trademark or copyright.

Open Source Software
Using Open Source Software can be a huge benefit for your Company, however - the GPL is complicated, and may require you to release other important intellectual property under the same license. Ensuring you can utilize Open Source code, while protecting your own - is very important.